Wedding and Event Cake FAQs

When should I call about a wedding or special event cake consultation?
Since Dulce is a small boutique bakery, we only take a limited number of weddings or events per weekend. It is never too soon to taste cake! We recommend coming in as soon as you book your space. As soon as you know your date, time and location, we can make a commitment to bring your fabulous cake to you!

Do you take last minute orders for wedding cakes?
Although many brides plan their events months (or years in advance), romance sometimes makes timelines narrower.  Please call us to see if we are available – we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule!

What is your minimum order?

You can order a small 6” topper cake (especially if you are having a cupcake wedding). The smallest tiered cake we make is a two tier round cake – 6” and 8” for 30 - 35 servings.

What should I expect at a wedding cake consultation?
The consultation should take about 45 minutes to an hour. You will taste some basic cake and filling flavors as well as our fondant (if you wish) to get an idea of our flavor profile. We will look over photos of cakes we have done in the past and also talk extensively about your personal style, the details of your wedding and reception plans and your flavor preferences. If you choose Dulce as your wedding cake provider, we will do a second tasting to try flavors of cakes and fillings in delicious combinations and finalize your design details if necessary.  

We would love for you to bring any information and photos of event details so that we can more quickly ascertain your preferences and style so we can incorporate those elements into the design of your cake.

Are your cakes finished in Buttercream or Fondant?
We finish cakes in buttercream, fondant – or for non-traditional brides – ganache!
Some designs require fondant, some do not.

Our Swiss fondant is thinly rolled by hand and applied over a full layer of buttercream. For those brides who love the look of fondant, you do not have to sacrifice the fabulous buttercream that lies beneath! Many brides (and planners) use Dulce specifically because of the quality of fondant and method that we use for applying it to the cake. Also, our buttercream and ganache finishes are extremely smooth and can mimic the fabulous fondant finish.

I am on a budget, but want a cake from Dulce.  Can we still get a cake from you?
Dulce cakes are made from scratch from premium ingredients, but we make every effort to assist brides at every price range. There are ways to stretch your budget for sweets – including adding a dessert buffet or having “side” cake for large weddings. Please let us know as much as possible about your budget and we will try to assist you in any way that we can.

Do you ship your cakes?
Unfortunately, we do not ship cakes as they are too easily damaged. Also, we do not freeze any of our products since this might diminish the quality we strive so hard to achieve. We can, however, deliver the cakes over longer distances if needed. Also, many of our clients have successfully picked up cakes for long-term transport themselves.